Come To Florida For Bass Fishing During The Winter

Bass Fishing

Florida is home to hundreds of rivers and lakes full of fish, making this state the best place for bass fishing. Some lakes and rivers consistently produce high-quality bass and deserve a place on the top list of Florida’s best bass fishing lakes.

The Harris Chain of Lakes, Lake George, Orange Lake, Rodman Reservoir, the St John’s River, and these lakes are considered to be the best for bass fishing in North Florida.  Lake Tarpon, Stick Marsh, and Fellsmere Reservoir are the best lakes for bass fishing in Central Florida. Lake Okeechobee, Lake Istokpoga, and Lake Kissimmee are also good …

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15 Fishing Weekend Getaways For The Whole Family

Fishing Weekend Getaways

Want to know some great fishing weekend getaways for you and the family? Spending a day on the lake is a superb way to change your daily routine, get some rest, enjoy relief from anxiety, and revel in nature. Embarking on a trip concentrated on bass fishing takes relaxing to an entirely new level.

Most of the following top bass fishing vacation spots include the following:

  • Lodging
  • Food
  • Guides or boat rentals
  • Sufficient fishable water to support more than one day of fishing
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Beginner Bass Fishing Gear and Technique Tips For Best Results

Tips for buying your initial bass fishing gear

Tips for buying your initial bass fishing gearHere are a couple of tips for people who would like to brush up on bass fishing gear basics. There are lots of types of bass. For the sake of simplicity, we will concentrate on the largemouth.

Initial Bass Fishing Gear Equipment Needed

We want to start you off on the right foot with hopes that you will experience success before moving on to advanced fishing methods. There are many mistakes you can make, and these errors will cost you plenty of money.…

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Tips To Find And Catch Bass On A New Body Of Water

Bass fishing in a new body of water

Today we are discussing how to find bass in a new lake? New lakes that you have never been to before for bass fishing can be quite intimidating. The key is to quickly identify structure and prey species, which should hold fish. Of course, you also need to balance time of year, water temp, clarity, depth, weather, vessel pressure, fishing pressure, etc.. No big deal, right?

With the right preparation, it’s not a big deal. From first impressions, to finally finding and sticking a bunch of bass, you’ll notice the steps and the mindset behind emerging patterns and catching …

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Plan Your Next Overnight Bass Fishing Trip Down South

best southern bass fishing locations

The one thing greater than a fishing expedition to a fabulous big-bass lake to experience the lake’s finest offerings would be a much longer road trip allowing one to stay at several prominent bass lakes. With that in mind, we’ve chosen the 10 best southern bass fishing locations.

Continue reading and get your calendar and pen ready so that you can start booking your next fishing trip!…

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The Best Outdoor Electronics for Bass Fishing

Best Outdoor Electronics for Bass Fishing

Bass fishing is a pastime enjoyed by many throughout the year. As long as there is a chance of a good catch, and conditions are favorable, fishermen will head out. There is a great sense of adventure in heading out onto the lake, or down the river.

It takes great skill to find the perfect spot, lure in the fish and bring in a great catch. Some seasoned professionals can do this on instinct and love the sport. Others are more than happy to employ a helping hand with some modern fishing electronics tech.

The following guide covers some of …

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Summer Bass Fishing Tips And Tricks

Summer Bass Fishing

A common belief among bass anglers is that summer bass fishing is difficult. Factors such as the scattered nature of bass in summer, as well as the hot temperatures of summer, are often cited as reasons for this.

There is no denying that summer bass fishing is often a tricky affair. However, once an angler knows where to look and which strings to pull, bass fishing in summer transforms into an exciting affair. This guide is meant to help make bass fishing in summer not only easier but also more fruitful.…

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Top 5 Benefits of Using Infrared Thermal Cameras for Night Fishing

Infrared thermal Cameras for Night Fishing

While most experts agree that fishing during the day is easier, some fishers favor fishing at night. In truth, fishing at night has its advantages:

  • There are fewer boats at night, which translates into less noise and less disturbance of the water.
  • Temperatures during the night are cooler, especially in the hot humid summer.

That said, fishing at night has disadvantages, including reduced visual capacities and of course, the increased difficulty of navigation. Luckily, recent developments in inexpensive infrared thermal cameras (learn more here) are making night fishing far easier and safer.…

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Bass Fishing Gear Packing List

Best Bass Fishing Gear

Bass fishing is simply one of the most exciting activities one can take up. However, planning for a bass fishing trip and particularly the equipment that you will need for the fishing trip can be a daunting task; even more if you are a novice. This list highlights the most basic and most essential bass fishing gear that every angler – irrespective of experience level – needs.

1. Rod, Reel & Fishing Lines

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5 Great Locations For Fishing Vacations

vacation fishing locations

Why not go explore and plan some fishing vacations. Fishing is an activity that often involves spending long hours out in the water. It is also a fact that anglers, whether hobbyists or professionals, all like exploring new bass fishing lakes and locations.

Often times this may involve having to travel to different states. In such situations, it becomes necessary to find a place to not only fish but also sleep overnight. Here are five of the best overnight bass fishing vacations you can take.…

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