3 Strategies For Catching The Largest Bass

bass catching techniques

Springtime is the best time for professional anglers or even hobbyist anglers to have a go at catching the big female bass. This is because Spring is spawning season, and this gives anglers the perfect opportunity to find large and aggressive females who will be laying eggs at this time.

However, catching the large female bass is not just a matter of luck as some may like to think; it has more to do with the bass fishing techniques used by the angler. Below are three of the best bass fishing techniques with which to catch the larger bass.

1. Jig The Rocks

Larger pre-spawn bass like to hang around rock banks that are steep and as deep as 15 feet. There are two reasons for this. Firstly, bass large mouth bass fishing techniqueslike to feed on crayfish which are often found in larger numbers around rocks.

Secondly, the bigger female bass usually suspends themselves over the sun-warmed rocks for the sole purpose of ripening their eggs.

The best kind of lure to use with this bass fishing technique would be a black and blue jig and pig that weighs between 0.25 ounces and half an ounce. This bait works because it mimics crayfish quite well.

The technique involves casting the lure at a right angle with the bank. Let the bait drop to the bottom then gradually start moving it in ‘jumping’ motions down the slope of the rock bed to a depth of between 12 feet and 25 feet. Make sure to stop for a few seconds in between the jumps; doing this has been proven to attract the larger bass.

2. Shake The Bed

This is particularly a useful technique with which to catch the first large female bass to spawn. You can look for these first large females in bays, boat canals as well as the northern coves.

To help you spot them even more easily, put on polarized sunglasses and inspect the areas around flooded bushes, grass edges, and even the boat docks.

Big baits are the best way to provoke and stir up the bedded super bass. Mattlures’ 5-inch Bluegill Swimbait is perfect for this purpose. The best thing about this lure is that it stands on its nose hence mimicking the act of bream feasting on the eggs of bass; something that is sure to irritate the female bass.

The first step in this technique is casting beyond the target bass. Secondly, move the lure in ‘swimming’ like motion into the bed until you land the lure in a position that irritates the bass.

Thirdly, twitch the fishing rod tip on a loose line so as to produce a bouncing movement. This will make the bass think that it is a bluegill feeding on its eggs. Finally, tighten your grip and wait for the super bass to bite.

3. Crank The Creek

This bass fishing technique works best when fishing for large pre-spawn bass that may be hiding in reservoir creek channels and ditches. They particularly like these locations because they are moderately deep (between 3 and 4 feet deep).

One of the best baits to use with this technique is the Bomber Flat A in the distinctive fire-tiger color pattern. This lure is likely to produce tight writhing movements that instantaneously irritate the bass forcing them to bite on the bait.

Pitch the crankbait as far out as you can across the creek channel or the ditch then crank the lure back to you at moderate speed while at the same time letting the bait knock and bump over the cover of the creek or the ditch.

It would be important to note that the success of this technique largely depends on the lure making contact with the cover. It would also help to pay special attention to obstacles such as logs, tree stumps and rocks so as to successfully steer around them.

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