Bass Fishing Gear Guide of 2016

Bass fishing gear tips

Having quality bass fishing gear is essential; regardless of the angler’s level of experience. Not having good quality fishing gear can compromise even the best fishing skills.

However, picking out the right fishing gear can be quite an overwhelming task; after all, there are lots of manufacturers offering a wide spectrum of fishing gear.

Here is  the list of  the 10 top  fishing gear items worth checking out.

1. Van Staal X Series ($739)Van Steel

Keeping in line with Van Staal’s tradition of power and durability is the innovative x-series. Completely sealed and made from aeronautics grade aluminum this reel will quickly become your favorite bass fishing gear. One of its unique features is the X-wrap oscillation system which is meant to create a flat lay line subsequently enabling greater casting and greater, more accurate drag pressures. The X-series has also been optimized for braided lines.

One of its unique features is the X-wrap oscillation system which is meant to create a flat lay line subsequently enabling greater casting and greater, more accurate drag pressures. The X-series has also been optimized for braided lines.

2. Seaguar Smackdown Braided Lines ($30)   seaguar-smackdown-braid-in-hand

Smackdown tournament braid has long and ultra-thin micro-weave strands that have been constructed using eight individual fibers hence giving it an entirely circular profile. This construction allows it to spool more quickly regardless of whether one is using a real optimized for Bait-casting or spinning. To add on that, the Smackdown braid has been lined with a clear coat; this improves casting and prevents the line from digging into the spool. You can use this line for flipping, frogging or even drop-shotting.

3.  Sage All Water Pulse Series ($450)   Sage-MOD-Fly-Rod

Handcrafted using graphite IIIE technology, the pulse series is specially designed to enhance power and durability while at the same time speeding up performance and improving the feel of the rod on the user’s hands.

The cosmetic details of the Pulse series are also pleasing to the eye. This versatile rod can be used both in freshwater fishing action and saltwater fishing action.

4. Rapala Shadow Rap ($8.99 – $9.29)  Rapala Shadow Rap technique

When it comes to fishing for bass, nothing is quite as exciting as using jerk bait. The flat-sided design allows the Shadow Rap to imitate accurately the vertical & horizontal struggle of a minnow whose life hangs in the balance.

The imitation of a dying minnow is further enhanced by the built-in fixed weight system which allows it to sink slowly and with a slight quiver. The icing on the cake is a set of three razor-sharp VMC treble hooks that are meant to ensure that when a fish bites, it never let’s go.

5. Dr. Stick Typhoon Pliers ($60)  typhoon

Typhoon pliers are one of the best and most essential items that any angler can have in the tackle box. They feature HR 70+ anvil tungsten carbide side cutters that make them easy to use.

The replaceable side cutters are strong and can cut into monofilament lines, braid lines and synthetic lines with impressive ease and they can even cut into 60-pound wires. In addition to that, Dr. Slick fishing pliers come with an extra jaw liner, a Hex Key, and replacement cutters. Aside from that, Dr. Slick Typhoon pliers are aesthetically pleasing, and their non-slip rubber grips make them easy on the hand as well.

6. Lamson Guru Series II Fly Fishing Reel ($210)   Fly Fishing Reel tip

The Guru Series II has been completely designed and machined in the USA, and it comes with improved spool geometry which in turn prevents the line from digging into the spool and enhances the retrieve rates.

The Guru Series II also features a sealed conical drag system and open porting which makes it lighter, more balanced and easier to dry. The weight and design of the Guru Series II make them particularly useful on lightweight rods.

7. G. Loomis E6X Swimbait Rod ($200)e6x_fpr_1

If you are the type of angler who loves to fly-fish for both largemouth and smallmouth bass, then this is the rod for you. It is light, powerful and made for swimbait fishing making it one of the finest pieces of bass fishing gear in the market.

The full cork rear grip makes it comfortable to hold and gives the angler more control and more ability to cast over greater distances with greater precision. The E6X is bound to make bass fishing more thrilling with its ability to tackle large bass without losing its sensitivity and responsiveness.

8. Hoven Argonaut Monix Sunglasses ($140)   MONIX_Black_American_Flag_Gloss_Grey_Polarized_Bi_Focal__90853.1453305828.1280.1280

Polarized sunglasses go a long way in improving an angler’s view of fish and obstacles in the water while at the same time protecting the angler’s eyes from glare. Hoven Argonaut Monix Sunglasses are floatable, and the frames of the sunglasses use powerful magnets to connect at the nose bridge hence making them more comfortable.

The sunglasses also come with a unique design that allows you to hang them around the neck when you are not wearing them. You can get Hoven Argonaut Monix Sunglasses in a variety of colors and shades including black, gray, amber, green chrome, purple haze and sky blue among others.

9. Savage Gear 3D Mayfly Nymph


That is a must have the piece of bass fishing gear. In springtime, game fish such as bass fish like to feed on mayflies that have just hatched. The 3D Mayfly Nymph was designed from a 3D scan of an actual mayfly nymph.

The result was a look-alike bait that also imitates the swimming action of mayfly nymph with impressive accuracy. The bait is pre-rigged on an internal jig head, and the colors are ultra-realistic to make them look exactly like the nymph hatch. To add on that, the bait has been made with TPE material that is strong, flexible and durable.

10. Abu Garcia Revo Premier Spinning


Weighing just over 6 ounces, the Revo Premier Spinning Reel is one of the lightest in the market and one of the most dependable as well. It uses an AMGearing; a gear system that has been computer optimized to provide precision, smoothness, and durability.

The drag system is Carbon Matrix, and this allows it to provide consistent drag pressures. Other fantastic features of the Revo Premier Spinning Reel include anti-reverse capabilities, compact and bent carbon handle, Flat EVA knob for comfort and even aluminum braid ready spool that prevents the braid from slipping when it is tied to the spool.

Regardless of which type of line you use with it, the slow oscillation ensures that there is even line lay. The Rocket Line Management system helps to improve casting distance and also reduces wind knots. These features cement its position as one of the best bass fishing gear in the market.



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