Best Bass Fishing Techniques And Tips Everyone Must Know

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One of the biggest reasons why bass fishing is so popular among anglers is the fact that bass is very populous. Despite the vast availability of this fish, catching them takes special skills and technique. This is a listing of the six best fishing techniques which, if well mastered, can maximize your chances of catching bass.

1. Drop-Shot

This method can be used to fish fast, fish slow, fish shallow or even fish deep. When using this technique, you have the option of casting fishing technique the rig some distance away from the boat or simply dropping the rig over the side of the boat.

Once you have done this, let the weight drop and settle at the bottom. To tell if the weight has hit the bottom, you can drop the tip of your rod now and then until you notice that there is slack in the line.

After the weight hits the bottom, adjust the line until it becomes taut but do not let the weight get off the bottom. Now jiggle the rod gently in such a way as to wiggle the lure without pulling up the weight from the bottom and wait for the bass to bite.

2. Using Spinnerbait

Spinnerbait fishing has the main advantage of being versatile and having all-season applicability making it rank among the best fishing best fishing techniques.techniques.

 One of the simplest ways of using spinnerbait is to let the bait fall to the bottom on a tight line. Once it the lure hits the bottom, reel up the slack, give the lure a few sporadic jerks then let it drop again.

Keep repeating the steps until the bass bite. When retrieving, use slow to medium speed unless you are fishing on a bright day and in clear water in which case a fast retrieval is more appropriate.

3. Pitching & Flipping

Pitching is relatively easier than flipping and is a useful technique to use for distances of between 10 and 50 feet. The first step is to let out the line until it is even with the reel.

The reel should be kept in free-spool by keeping the spool/button pressed. Secondly, lower the tip of the rod in the direction of the water, hold the bait in your free hand and pull the line so as to maintain some tension.Pitching fishing technique

Now let go of the bait while at the same time swinging the tip of the rod upward and outward. As the lure swings towards the target, release the thumb pressure from the spool then let the bait land on the surface and close the reel.

When it comes to short distances, the accuracy, and precision associated with flipping justifies its reputation as one of the best fishing techniques.

The first step is to let out the line to a distance of between 8 feet and 15 feet. Close the reel then follow this up by taking hold of the section of the line that is between the reel and the first rod. Thirdly, pull on the line while guiding and extending your arm to the side.

Now raise the rod so that the lure swings towards you and using a pendulum-like motion, turn the bait to the intended target area. Note that while you are doing this, you should also be feeding the line through your hand. Reel up the line until it becomes tight and wait for the bass to strike.

4. Using CrankbaitCrankBait best fishing techniques

The simplicity of using crankbait makes it one of the best fishing techniques for catching bass. You just have to cast the lure as far as possible then reel it back to you. To grab the attention of the bass, reel the bait back in quick motion then stop and allow the crankbait to rise slowly.

Try this process again and again until bass becomes irritated enough to strike. When the crankbait bumps into obstacles such as a rock, stop reeling and let the bait rise to the surface. This is bound to attract the attention of bass.

5. Using JerkbaitJerkbait fishing

This technique revolves around creating the impression that the bait is injured. It is based on the fact that bass like to attack weak and injured prey.

To give the impression of injured bait, only twitch the bait several times on a slack line until the bass bites. For better results, use the tip of the rod rather than the reel to jerk the bait.

6. Using Topwater Bait

If you intend on targeting hungry and active bass, then this is among the best fishing techniques you can use. The success of thisTop water bait fishing technique technique depends on how well you can attract the attention of bass by letting the lure swim in noisy and dramatic motions over the surface of the water.

Poppers, jitterbugs, frogs and grasshopper imitations are all examples of topwater baits. Different topwater lures are retrieved using different techniques.

When using jitterbugs, for instance, a slow and firm retrieve is preferred. Poppers, on the other hand, are retrieved using sporadic pop movements and now and then, letting the lure swim steadily. This gives the impression of injured fish.

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