Camping And Outdoor Gear You Must Have This Summer

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There is no denying that the dynamics of camping and other outdoor activities have drastically changed over the years. For example, increased global warming has resulted in summer heat build ups prompting authorities to put in place burn bans in camping grounds all across the country.

Given these new conditions, and the fact that modern campers are increasingly bringing along all sorts of innovative camping gear and outdoor electronics to cook, keep warm, and even get entertained while on their camping trip… more and more campers are also bringing along solar powered generators and battery packs, to keep everything topped-off and charged.

1. CamelBak All Clear

If you have ever gone on a back-country camping vacation, then you probably know that carrying large quantities of water can meancamping and outdoor having to carry a heavier and bulkier backpack.

The CamelBak All Clear bottle is specially made to make backpacking less cumbersome and less tiring. Going for a retail price of $99, this innovative bottle makes use of a ultra-violet light bulb built into the container’s lid to purify water in just 60 seconds.

Even better is the fact that the UV lamp can purify at least 80 bottles of water before being recharged and has a long life of an estimated 10,000 cycles.This bottle eliminates the need to carry water from home and also increases your chances of survival in case you get lost.

2. Zippo Rugged LED Lantern

This rugged LED lantern is without doubt one of the most innovative light sources. The Zippo lantern’s impressive features include; Camping outdoor High-quality LED outputs of up to 220 lumens, a rechargeable lithium-ion battery and a detachable carry handle (meaning you can hang it anywhere).

In addition to that, the lantern also has rubber corners and stainless steel tubes that make it drop proof for heights of up to 5 feet.

But one of the best things about this lantern is the fact that it is waterproof and can even float on water.

To cap it all, the Zippo Lantern can provide 12 hours of light when used on the highest power level and an impressive 59 hours of light when used on the lowest power level making it very ideal for camping.

The list price for this item is $89.95, although you can probably get it for less on Amazon.

3. Petzl TIKKA RXPcamping and outdoor with Petzl Tikka RXP

At a retail price of $99.95, the Petzl TIKKA RXP is among the higher priced camping and outdoor electronics. However, given its features, the price-tag is largely justified.

This headlamp comes equipped with the latest reactive lighting technology that allows it to adjust automatically the beam pattern and the brightness based on the user’s requirements subsequently allowing it to optimize on burn time.

In addition to that the TIKKA RXP has a rechargeable battery that can last for up to 12 hours and it is also waterproof (with a rating of IPX4)

4. Eton Scorpion II

Eton Scorpion II is one of an essential camping and outdoor electronics that any camper can have. Its rugged exterior and aluminum  essential camping and outdoor electronicscarabiners enhance its ability to endure extreme outdoor conditions while its multiple features make it one of the most appropriate gadgets to have during emergency situations.

Some of its most notable features include; a crank powered handle, a built-in LED flashlight, a power bank, a bottle opener, an AM/FM radio and even a NOAA Weather Band receiver that allows the user to stay updated with weather patterns and forecasts.

Aside from being hand crank powered, the Scorpion II can also be recharged using solar power or a USB battery charging system. This multi-purpose gadget retails at $59.

5. Biolite BaseCamp

This device converts heat into usable electricity that can then be used to cook and even charge USB powered devices. Perhaps the most camping with Biolite BaseCamp
surprising thing about the BaseCamp is that it only uses fallen branches or small pieces of wood to do cook and charge at the same time.

The BaseCamp features a flexible USB light, a bucket handle that makes it more portable, large surface area that allows for large-format cooking, smart LED dashboard that lets you monitor the fire and the power, folding legs and even an ashtray.

With all these features, it is no wonder that the BaseCamp retails at $299.95; nevertheless, it is worth every penny.

6. Outdoor Tech Buckshot Procamping and electronic

Small, rugged, portable and versatile is how this camping and outdoor electronic can best be described. Despite its size, this device features a rechargeable lithium-ion battery, a flashlight, strobe light, power bank, a wireless speaker and even a handlebar mount.

It can be connected to smartphones within a range of 32 feet using Bluetooth technology and has a talk time of around 10 hours when fully charged. Considering its size and the number of features that it has, the retail price of $79.95 is well justified.


useful camping and outdoor electronics

When it comes to getting through emergencies and tight situations, the VSSL (pronounced vessel) canister is without doubt among the most useful camping and outdoor electronics. With its aluminum tube and LED light at the top, the VSSL may look like your ordinary torch.

However, instead of batteries, the innovative torch features several small canisters that contain a variety of life-saving utilities. The price of the VSSL torch depends on the contents of the canisters.

For example, you can get a compass, first aid kit, razor blade, wire saw, emergency whistle, waterproof matches, fishing gear and even water purification tabs for just $105. This makes it one of the most versatile outdoor electronics.

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