Tips To Find And Catch Bass On A New Body Of Water

Bass fishing in a new body of water

Today we are discussing how to find bass in a new lake? New lakes that you have never been to before for bass fishing can be quite intimidating. The key is to quickly identify structure and prey species, which should hold fish. Of course, you also need to balance time of year, water temp, clarity, depth, weather, vessel pressure, fishing pressure, etc.. No big deal, right?

With the right preparation, it’s not a big deal. From first impressions, to finally finding and sticking a bunch of bass, you’ll notice the steps and the mindset behind emerging patterns and catching …

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Best Bass Fishing Techniques And Tips Everyone Must Know

bass fishing techniques use

One of the biggest reasons why bass fishing is so popular among anglers is the fact that bass is very populous. Despite the vast availability of this fish, catching them takes special skills and technique. This is a listing of the six best fishing techniques which, if well mastered, can maximize your chances of catching bass.

1. Drop-Shot

This method can be used to fish fast, fish slow, fish shallow or even fish deep. When using this technique, you have the option of casting fishing technique the rig some distance away from the boat or simply dropping the rig over the side …

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3 Strategies For Catching The Largest Bass

bass catching techniques

Springtime is the best time for professional anglers or even hobbyist anglers to have a go at catching the big female bass. This is because Spring is spawning season, and this gives anglers the perfect opportunity to find large and aggressive females who will be laying eggs at this time.

However, catching the large female bass is not just a matter of luck as some may like to think; it has more to do with the bass fishing techniques used by the angler. Below are three of the best bass fishing techniques with which to catch the larger bass.…

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Facts And Basic Information About Bass Fishing

Big Mouth Bass

To be a good largemouth bass angler, it is critical to have a deeper understanding of the bass fish, their behavior and the reasons for their behavior. This guide is meant to enhance your knowledge of the largemouth bass and also educates you on the best bass fishing techniques as well as the best lures to use to catch quality bass consistently.

Basic Information And Facts About Bass    Largemouth

There are different kinds of bass including Choctaw bass, Guadalupe bass, Spotted bass, Smallmouth bass, Largemouth bass, White bass, and Striped bass among others. In North America, largemouth bass is easily the …

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10 Secret Tips For Bass Fishing From Professionals!

Best bass fishing techniques

Fishing for bass is not just about tossing out bait and waiting for a hungry bass to bite on it; it takes special skill and technique to be a successful bass angler. Here are ten of the best fishing tips from some of the world’s topmost professional anglers.

1. Fish Before The Storm Strikes

The pressure that builds up before the storm hits has the effect of making bass even more active. Chances for the fish to bite on the bait are increased before the storm.In this regard, the best time to fish for bass would be before a storm …

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