Facts And Basic Information About Bass Fishing

Big Mouth Bass

To be a good largemouth bass angler, it is critical to have a deeper understanding of the bass fish, their behavior and the reasons for their behavior. This guide is meant to enhance your knowledge of the largemouth bass and also educates you on the best bass fishing techniques as well as the best lures to use to catch quality bass consistently.

Basic Information And Facts About Bass    Largemouth

There are different kinds of bass including Choctaw bass, Guadalupe bass, Spotted bass, Smallmouth bass, Largemouth bass, White bass, and Striped bass among others. In North America, largemouth bass is easily the most popular of them all. Although they are predators, they can still be hunted down by other fish and animals especially when they are younger.

Largemouth bass live in shallow lakes, ponds, and reservoirs that have plenty of covers and a muddy bottom floor. Larger largemouth bass can also be found in clear rocky lakes and rivers that have current. This bass has an olive green hue with some shades of brown and dark oval strips that run horizontally on each flank. However, their most distinctive feature is the upper jaw which extends beyond the eye of the fish. They have a long lifespan of 16 years and can reach lengths of up to 29.5 inches and 22 pounds. Bass feed on bait fish, frogs, insects, shrimp, small fish, crawfish and even snakes.

Bass Fishing Tips, Tricks, And Tactics

Catching quality bass largely depends on the bass fishing techniques used by the angler. When fishing for largemouth bass:

• Consider fishing for largemouth bass during the pre-spawn season. Pre-spawn starts in spring and at this time, the waters become warm hitting temperatures of between 55 and 65 degrees. During pre-spawn, bass move to the shallow sections of the water to not only feed but also look for an appropriate and safe place to spawn.
• Learn the habits of the bass. This includes studying weather patterns and the effect of the weather patterns on bass locations. For example, bass often hides under cover and other obstacles when the sun is out and move out into open spaces when it is cloudy or when the sun is not too hot.
• The best time of the day to fish for largemouth bass is in the early morning and the early evening. However, you may also chance upon bass in the afternoon if the water is muddy or if it is cloudy.
• Learn from the already caught bass. Looking inside the mouth of a captured bass can help you know which types of food the bass in that area is likely feeding on. This is one of the simplest ways of knowing which type of lure to use in the specific bass fishing location.
• Use live bait. Live baits are a great way of luring largemouth bass especially because they are easy prey for largemouth bass. Shiners, frogs, worms, crayfish, and frogs can all be used as live bait.
• To increase your chances of being more successful in angling for bass, make sure to study the map of the bass lake you are fishing on. Familiarize yourself with the different depths of the lake, the drop-offs and identify any special features such as sunken structures and fish cribs. In addition to that, always pay attention to the line and make sure to examine it for any dents that may cause it to break.
• It would also be important to note that the size of bass you catch does not depend on the size of the lure. Large lures may attract both small bass and large bass and so would small lures. One of the simplest bass fishing techniques is to use different types of lures.

Best Bass Lures   Bass Lures Technique

There are lots of different lures from different manufacturers in the market. However, three specific lures have won praise from many professional anglers:
Booyah Buzzbait: It is ugly but very productive and consistent as well. It emits a loud buzzing sound that works wonders in attracting fish even those that are further away. It is also perfect for use in shallow water.
• The Ross Kull swimbait is one of the best baitfish replicas in the market. It is optimized for bass fishing, and it uses impressive life-like colors and movements to attract bass. It also has a reputation for durability, and it comes with two treble hooks.
• The Strike King Spinnerbait has a reputation for being small and very productive. It uses a Colorado blade to create vibrations that bass cannot resist. It is particularly good for bass fishing in dark waters.

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