Popular Bass Fishing Locations In Canada

Bass Fishing Locations

Aside from the USA, Canada also makes for a good fishing destination with its numerous fish-packed lakes. This list offers a sneak peek into the best bass fishing locations in Canada just to ensure that you know where to get a five start fishing experience when you go for a fishing vacation in Canada.The list highlights the best bass fishing locations in Canada; three on the East Coast and three on the West Coast of Canada.

East Coast Of Canada

1. Lake Utopia      Lake Utopia Fishing Location

Located in the Southwester side of New Brunswick, Lake Utopia has built itself a reputation of having the biggest and most accessible population of bass in the whole of Charlotte County.

Fishing at the lake might be a strenuous task due to the sheer size but at the same time, fishing can be quite productive, and anglers should expect to catch 2-3.5 pound smallmouth bass.

2. Palfrey and Spednic Lakes   Palfrey and Spednic Lakes

Most anglers going on a fishing vacation in Canada tend to underrate the quality of Palfrey and Spednic Lakes as bass fishing locations.

The truth is that with the right techniques & tactics and under the right conditions, anglers can expect to catch an upward of 50 fish averaging 1.75 pounds every single day.With such productivity, these two lakes deserve to be among the best bass fishing lakes on the East Coast of Canada

3. Grand Lake    Grand Lake Fishing

In the Canadian province of Nova Scotia lies the Grand Lake, yet another fishing paradise for giant smallmouth bass. Most of the bass caught in this lake measure 3.5 pounds or more.

In addition to that, the lake boasts of having an excellent bass population and anglers can catch up to 30 fish on a daily basis. There is also a dock that has been optimized to allow for easier wheelchair access.

West Coast Of Canada

While smallmouth bass thrives in lakes that are found on the East Coast of Canada, largemouth bass is more prominent in lakes and water bodies that are on the West Coast.

4. Elk/Beaver Lake


Elk Lake is located in Victoria, in the province of British Columbia. The fact that giant smallmouth bass weighing 6 pounds or more and even largemouth weighing 8 pounds or more can be caught at the lake cement the reputation of Elk/Beaver Lake as one of the best bass fishing locations in Canada.

Beaver Lake is a smaller lake that is connected to Elk Lake through a shallow channel. Beaver Lake is more renowned for producing quality largemouth bass weighing as much as 8.7 pounds.Other types of fish that can be found here include the rainbow trout, the yellow perch, and the brown bullhead.

5. Vaseux Lake Vaseux Lake

Also in the British Columbia province of Canada, Lake Vaseux is located along the Okanagan River in Okanagan Valley.

Vaseux Lake offers anglers the chance to catch big largemouth bass, smallmouth bass, rainbow trout, black crappie, yellow perch and the brown bullhead among others.Bass weighing between 3 and 5 pounds are more populous in the lake though it is not uncommon to catch 8+ pound largemouth bass in Vaseux Lake.

It is also not uncommon to hear of anglers who have caught smallmouth bass of up to 6 pounds in the waters of Lake Vaseux.However, before fishing on Lake Vaseux, it would be important to note that there is a total motor restriction in place over the lake as it is classified as a nature sanctuary. This means that it takes a little bit more effort to fish around the lake.

6. Duck Lake    Duck Lake Fishing Location

Duck Lake, which is near Creston in British Columbia province, has long been considered one of the best bass fishing locations in Canada. It is quite popular with largemouth bass anglers.

With a surface area of just 15 square kilometers, Duck Lake is one of the smallest yet at the same time one of the most productive bass fishing lakes.Largemouth caught here weigh up to 6 pounds, and there are rumors that the lake has also produced 10-pound largemouth bass.

Although fishing on Duck Lake can be very unpredictable, 100 fishing days on the lake are possible and in the past, 250 fishing days were also possible.Duck Lake is considered to be part of the Creston Valley Wildlife Management area, and that means that just like Lake Vaseux, there is a total restriction on motors in the area.

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