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good Bass Fishing locations

Bass Fishing States

Going on a bass fishing vacation can be one of the best and most exciting ways of spending the weekend or the holiday. Finding good bass fishing locations can, however, be a bit tricky especially if one is still new to the game. The truth is that some states offer a better bass fishing experience than others; here are the top ten bass fishing states in no particular order.

1. Minnesota

There are close to 13, 000 lakes in the state of Minnesota; hence the reputation of being the land of ‘Ten Thousand Lakes’. Quite a good Lake Minnetonka bass fishing USnumber of these lakes are the home of large populations of largemouth bass as well as smallmouth bass.

This makes Minnesota one of the best bass fishing locations in all of the USA. Although fishing in Michigan may not guarantee that you will catch a bass worthy of being classified as a big trophy, the chances are that you may be able to catch dozens of bass on a single fishing trip.

According to most professional anglers who have been to the state, the best fishing loc
ations in the state include Lake Minnetonka, St. Croix River and the stretch of the Mississippi River that passes through the state.

2. Alabama

Alabama may not have as many lakes as Minnesota, but it is worthy of mention largely because of Lake Guntersville. In fact, it came as a Lake Guntersville best bass locationssurprise for many when Guntersville was listed among the top ten bass lakes on Bassmaster’s list of top 100 lakes in the USA.

Lake Guntersville in Alabama has become one of the finest fishing locations for anglers due to its potential to yield largemouths that exceed 10 pounds as well as many largemouths weighing between 3 and 8 lbs.

In 2014 Lake Guntersville was chosen to host the Bassmaster’s Classic for the first time in reaffirming its new found position as one of the top most bass fishing lakes in the USA.

3. California

California Best bass fishing locations

California is known for importing Florida bass to many of its lakes. However, this does not change the fact that in California, anglers have the chance of catching largemouths that are between 15 pounds and 20 pounds.

To add on that, two water bodies in the state made it to the top ten of the Bassmaster’s top 100 bass fishing lakes in the USA making it the only state, alongside Texas to have two different water bodies on the top ten.  Clear Lake and the California Delta are both on the top 10 list.

Some professional anglers even suggest that California might be a potential threat to Georgia’s world largemouth record.

4. Michigan

Lake Erie smallmouth bass location

Michigan has the main advantage of having access to four of the Great Lakes (Superior, Huron, Michigan and Erie). Although the Great Lakes are not considered to be the primmest of fishing locations for bass, none of them is short of bass.

Lake Erie, for example, is often an excellent location for those who prefer to fish for smallmouth bass and especially if the seasonal timing is right.

It is not just the Great Lakes that make Michigan a great bass fishing location; after all, the state also boasts of thousands of inland lakes, streams, rivers and ponds that are suitable for bass fishing.

5. Wisconsin

This list would be incomplete without Wisconsin, which has quite similar characteristics to Michigan and Minnesota. The best place for location for catching largemouth bassbass fishing in the state are undoubtedly the bays on two of the Great Lakes that border the state; Superior and Michigan.

More specifically, Green Bay, Sturgeon Bay, and Chequamegon Bay are considered to be the best locations for professional anglers.

 In addition to that, Wisconsin is also rich in inland lakes – including several that share the name Bass Lake – and streams most of which have healthy populations of bass and other fish. For example, The Great Bass Lake in Oneida County is an excellent location for catching largemouth bass.

6. New York

If you live in Manhattan and love to go for a bass fishing vacation, you need not go too far. New York or Empire State as it is known by Lake Champlain USA bass fishingmany has great opportunities for bass fishing; that is if you know where to look.

Although its lake population is relatively minuscule when compared to the likes of Minnesota and Michigan, New York has gained reputation for the quality and diversity of fishes found in its lakes.

A good example would be Lake Champlain which is considered one of the best fishing spots in the USA and considered as best locations in the world as well due to the fact that it is home to more than 80 species of fish that include both smallmouth and largemouth bass.

7. Georgia

In 1932, George Perry set one of the most coveted sport-fishing records in the world while fishing on Lake Montgomery which is an Lake Montgomery for bass fishing vacations.oxbow lake of the Ocmulgee River in South Georgia.

The largemouth he caught weighed 22 pounds and 4 ounces making it the largest largemouth ever caught; a record that has never been broken. It is no secret that Georgia is home to large populations of big fish and numerous prime locations for bass fishing that include Clark’s Hill Lake, Jackson Lake and Lake Lanier where you can catch spotted bass that weighs up to 5 pounds.

What’s more, Georgia holds numerous fishing tournaments every single year making it one of the leading destinations for bass fishing vacations.

8. Florida

Known by some as the ‘Fishing Capital of the World,’ Florida boasts an active saltwater fishing scene as well as some of the most best place for bass fisheriesexcellent bass fishing locations in North America.

Florida also prides itself on being a prime fishing location all year round as well as good weather and a diverse population of fish. In 2006, Florida recorded the highest number of recreational fishing days (approximately 46.3 million fishing days); greater than Texas, which came second with 41.1 million fishing days.

This alone is proof of the great bass fishing opportunities available in Florida. The best place for bass fisheries in the state includes Lake Okeechobee (which is a regular on the top ten of the Bassmaster’s top 100 bass lakes), Lake Seminole, Lake Tarpon, Lake Talquin and Lake Istokpoga, which is a particularly good spot for those wishing to fish with a little more privacy.

9. Ohiobass fishing locations in Ohio

Ohio deserves recognition because of its Lake Erie shoreline. Lake Erie is renowned as the state’s most fertile ground for both largemouth bass and big smallmouth bass.

Aside from Lake Erie, other notable bass fishing locations in Ohio include Salt Fork Lake as well as Alum Creek.

10. Texas

Of all the states on this list, Texas deserves the top most credit when it comes to bass fishing thanks to the efforts of Texas Parks and largemouth bass locationWildlife in maintaining bass fisheries in the state.

Bass fishing locations in Texas have been regulars on Bassmaster’s list of top 100 bass fishing lakes in the USA ever since the inaugural rankings in 2012. Falcon Lake and the Toledo Blend, in particular, have both occupied the number one spot at different times.

Other excellent bass fishing locations in Texas include Caddo Lake (where largemouth bass, as well as white & yellow bass, can be found), Choke Canyon Reservoir and Lake Livingstone, which is considered one of the best white bass fishing locations in the state.

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