Top 20 Lakes For Large-Mouth Bass Fishing

largemouth bass fishing

With more than 120,000 potential bass fishing locations in the lower 48 states, finding the right lake for largemouth bass fishing is in itself a difficult and often tricky task. The good news is that you can increase your chances of catching good quality largemouth bass by focusing your fishing efforts on either one of these 20 lakes.

1. Lake Guntersville, Alabama

With its numerous docks, vegetation cover, creek channels, and even deep water structures, Lake Guntersville allows anglers to use a wide variety of lures and techniques to catch largemouth bass.

These include flipping, pitching, and even frogging among others. What’s more, the fishing season here is all year round, so it doesn’t matter whether you fish in winter, spring, autumn or summer.

2. St. Johns River, Floridabass fishing locations

Aside from being the longest river in the state of Florida, St. Johns River also happens to be the best fish for largemouth bass and especially during spring. This is because, during spring, the shallow sections of the river become a spawning ground for large Florida-strain largemouth bass.

In addition to that, the bass is usually concentrated in small areas meaning that you can catch great numbers of bass and on a regular basis too.

3. Mississippi River, Pool 8, Wisconsin

Pool 8 of the Mississippi River has some of the biggest populations of largemouth bass and those in particular that weigh between 2 pounds and 4 pounds.

 In fact, so many are the largemouth here that some anglers propose that it is possible to catch up to 100 basses on a single fishing day using the topwater bait fishing technique.

With its shallow bays, surprisingly deep bays (of up to 25 feet) and varying currents, Pool 8 is challenging but at the same time, incredibly thrilling.

4. Sam Rayburn Reservoir, Texas

If you like deep cranking and fishing with worms and jigs, then you ought to try out this reservoir. The Florida-strain Largemouth bass caught here to weigh up to 10 pounds, and they can be found all year round.

This makes it a popular bass fishing location with professional anglers and also an attractive place for tournaments such as 2016’s FLW bass fishing league. In autumn, winter and spring, crankbait and spinnerbait are the preferred techniques while in summer, plastic worms and jigs will do the trick.

5. California Delta, California

Also known as the Sacramento-San Joaquin River Delta, the California Delta is an expansive water system comprised of interconnected lakes and canals. Because of this it is one of a unique bass fishing locations in the USA.

Frog fishing in these waters is quite an exhilarating experience and anglers often catch 10-pound largemouth bass. To cap it all, the California Delta offers you the chance to fish in privacy.

6. Lake Fork, Texas

Lake Fork has an active management program that ensures that it continues producing largemouth bass of good quality in good quantities too. The consistencies of which large largemouth bass are caught have earned it a spot among the top contributors of the ShareLunker program.

Just to give you an idea of what this means, the Share Lunker program takes in bass weighing 13 pounds or more for spawning purposes.

7. Pickwick Lake, Alabama

The largemouth population in Pickwick Lake mostly weigh between 2 pounds and 4 pounds. However, this bass fishing location has produced trophy-sized largemouth exceeding 15 pounds numerous times, and it is no surprise that to win a bass tournament here, you have to register 20 pounds or more.

8. Lake Havasu, Arizona

Because of its clear waters, Lake Havasu is among the best bass fishing locations to sight fish and use topwater bait techniques during spring. To add on that, during spring the water levels are low making it easier to catch largemouth.

Although giant largemouths are hard to come by here, you can be assured of catching largemouth weighing 2 to 3 pounds and if you are lucky enough, you could catch a 4 pound or 5-pound largemouth.

9. Lake Eufaula, Alabama/Georgia

Lake Eufaula has lots of shallow vegetation as well as lots of hardcover making it ideal for catching largemouth bass using a full spectrum of techniques and baits.

You could pitch and flip; you could swim jigs, and you could even use the frogging method. Bass weighing up to 8 pounds are in plenty here, and it also has the potential of producing double-digit bass of up to 12 lbs.

10. Santee Cooper Lakes, South Carolina

Renowned for its stunning cypress trees and numerous shallow stumps, Santee Cooper has the potential of producing plenty of 5-7 pound largemouth bass. The best bass fishing techniques to use include shallow cranking and floating worms.

11. Lake Okeechobee, Florida

Expansive, shallow and filled with all sorts of aquatic vegetation, Lake Okeechobee is an angler’s dream bass fishing location.

The fact that forage is in plenty all over the lake also makes it quite popular with trophy-sized largemouth bass. Popular techniques used by anglers here include pitching, flipping, and frogging.

12. Clear Lake, California

Widely regarded by many as the home of swimbait fishing, Clear Lake is a popular all-season bass fishing destination. Anglers can fish offshore rock piles, grass beds, and even docks. The lake also has the potential to produce trophy-sized largemouth; in 1990 for example, it produced a largemouth bass weighing 17.52 pounds.

13. Toledo Blend Reservoir, Texas/Louisiana

The grass cover and offshore structure make Toledo Blend a suitable habitat for large largemouth bass. One of the best things about Toledo Blend is that it is possible to catch bass weighing 10 pounds or more all year round.

You have fish shallow using techniques such as topwater baits or Carolina rigs and you can also fish deep using drop-shot patterns or deep cranking techniques.

14. Lake Seminole, Georgia/Florida

Lake Seminole has hosted numerous bass fishing tournaments including the Bassmaster 2014 Elite series. For an unforgettable bass fishing experience, make sure to visit the lake anytime between January and May as this is the best time to catch largemouth bass.

Although the average weight of the bass caught here is 2 pounds, there are chances of catching largemouths weighing as much as 6 lbs. Topwater baits, spinnerbait, and crankbaits are useful bass fishing techniques to use on Lake Seminole.

15. Lake Tohopekaliga, Florida

This shallow lake is approximate covers an area of 22, 700 acres with at least a third of this area being covered by maiden-cane grass and bulrush reeds. This type of cover makes it a suitable habitat for big largemouth bass. The largemouth record here is 16 pounds and 10 ounces, but largemouth weighing between 8 and 9.9 pounds are more common.

16. Falcon Lake, Texas

Falcon Lake has gained the reputation of being the lake of giant largemouth bass. Falcon Lake has produced trophy-sized largemouth bass weighing 15.63 pounds and 13 pounds.

In 2012, it topped the list of the best bass fishing locations in the USA according to the Bassmaster Magazine. Largemouth bass fishing here is best done during the spring, fall or winter.

17. Chickamauga Lake, Tennessee

In 2014, a 15-pound largemouth bass was caught in Chickamauga. This massive catch was proof of the potential of Chickamauga to produce giant largemouth bass.

Since then, other trophy-size largemouths weighing between 10 pounds and 12 pounds have been caught subsequently cementing Chickamauga’s reputation of being one of the best bass fishing locations in the USA.

18. Berryessa, California

Springtime time is best to fish for bass in Berryessa; this is mainly because a large majority of the bass can be found in shallow waters at depths of 15 feet or less. Berryessa has the potential to produce large Florida strain largemouth bass in the range of 17 to 20 pounds.

19. Lake Champlain, New York/Vermont

Although it is mainly known for its smallmouth bass fishing, Lake Champlain is also fertile ground for quality largemouth bass. Lake Champlain has a wide variety of aquatic vegetation which makes frogging and flipping perfect techniques for fishing largemouth bass on the lake. Largemouth caught here generally fall into the 3 to 5-pound category.

20. Kentucky Lake, Kentucky/Tennessee

The fact that bass can be found in large numbers here make Kentucky Lake a popular bass fishing destination. It is a perfect place to enjoy ledge fish in the USA. It is also one of the best bass fishing locations to catch quality Florida-strain largemouths and in good quantities too.

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